When you wear hair, you want to make sure that it is securely fastened, even in the worst of conditions. Supertape, a well known and trusted tape, will ensure that you will get that hold you so desire all the time and with consistency. This is really great hairpiece tape. This tape can bond for up to forty days without melting down. It is clear and odorless and comes in strips and rolls.

We also carry Mini Bonding Strips. These bonding strips offer a great alternative to liquid adhesives and will give you up to six weeks of bonding. The added vent holes allows the skin to breathe so it feels comfortable. This is indeed one of the stickiest strips on the market.

We also carry a line of liquid adhesives if that is your preference. The Walker Mity Tite Brush On Adhesive is an acrylic based adhesive ideal for touch ups and permanent bonds. It can be used for extended wear but is also ideal for short term usages. There are a few tips that you can utilize to achieve an effective hold. Make sure to clean and shave the scalp before using liquid adhesives. When applying the adhesive, use thin and even coats; make sure the first coat is dry before applying a second coat. Visit our website for more information about our full line of hairpiece tape and liquid adhesives.  


When shopping around for a great hair tape company, we can give you some very good reasons to choose us. Besides the fact we provide the highest quality hair tape on the market, our relationship with 3M allows us to use #1522 medical tape in our manufacturing process. This is definitely something our competitors cannot offer. Just so you know, we specialize in all varieties of hair tape including toupee tape, wig tape and fashion tape. We are family owned and have been in the hair tape business for thirty years. Come and check out what we have to offer.

Our Red Liner “Sensi-Tak” is the most widely used hairpiece tape for permanent attachment. However, please do not be mislead by the name as it is indeed a clear tape. It has a very strong holding strength and it is more resistant to water than other tapes. It is a two sided sticky tape with one side covered with a glossy shielding that enables easy application.

The 3M 1522 Clear Tape is our most popular tape. It has a moderate holding strength and is quite easy to remove. This particular tape is recommended for daily use and is surgical quality, hypoallergenic and latex free. Keep in mind that all tapes are inspected for quality before leaving our factory.

We ship worldwide. Please don't hesitate to contact us about our various domestic and international shipping options. We are proud of the fact that we have an excellent turnaround time as most orders we are able to offer daily shipping. We know there are a lot of options out there, but we hope to be your trusted source for hair tape, adhesives and more.

--- is the internet's #1 source for hair tape, hairpiece tape, and tape for hair pieces. We also supply toupee tape, wig tape, and clear hair tape. You can use our fashionable hair tape for any occasion. Contact us for more information or shop our inventory!

  • May Blog

    <p>MAY BLOG</p><p>LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD – GET YOUR HAIR SYSTEM READY! </p><p>BEAUTIFUL WEATHER AHEAD! GET YOUR SUPPLIES STOCKED FROM YOU’RE LOOKIN GOOD – HAIRTAPE.COM</p><p><u>Why is it so important to take care of your scalp? </u></p><p>Your scalp is the epicenter of your hair system. It is responsible for holding and bonding the adhesive. Avoid build-up, if left unchecked and uncleaned, it can be bad for your scalp. Odors, irritations and allergies can arise.</p><p><u>What can be done?</u></p><p>New Demension Dual Action Shampoo and PHL #5 </p><p>Step 1 (Not for every day use)</p><p>New Demension Dual Action designed to combat all adhesive residues remaining after removal of hair system. Anti-bacterial and anti fungal formulation keeps scalp healthy. This shampoo will leave your unit a little oily which is why it is imperative to use our PHL#5 directly after as it will restore the PH level to your base.</p><p>STEP 2</p><p><strong>PHL #5 Clarifying Shampoo </strong></p><p>PHL #5 Shampoo is specifically designed as a base restoration shampoo. Once you remove the adhesive residue, PHL #5 will remove any oils remaining and restore the base of your hair system to its original state. It will counter the effect of Chlorine and mineral deposits that clog pores.Perfect before deep conditioning treatments. Revives and purifies hair.</p><p>PHL #5 is to be used on the scalp <strong>after New Demension Dual Action Shampoo</strong> to remove any excess oils. It will make the head as squeaky clean without affecting the PH balance or triggering oil glands. PHL #5 will also remove all build up of hair spray or gel on any type of hair. </p><p>EVERY DAY SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER AND LEAVE- IN</p><p>PRO SERIES -SHAMPOO</p><p>Gentle formula, to protect unit from everyday wear and tear while leaving hair frizz-free and healthy. With moisture replenishing Aloe,Argan Oil and Panthenol and cuticle restoring proteins. </p><p>PRO SERIES CONDITIONER</p><p>Provides superior hydration and protection against everyday wear and tear.</p><p>PRO HAIR LEAVE IN CONDITIONER – DO NOT RINSE.</p><p>Daily protection formula to hydrate and detangle.Packed with emollient-rich Argan Oil, replenishing proteins and humectants. It also protects from daily exposure like UV rays, heat, brushing and abrasion.</p>

  • Adhesive removers

    <p>What is Lace Release?</p><p>Lace Release reduces the chance of damaging lace or mesh fronts by releasing the adhesive or tape from the hair system. When Lace Release is used properly, most of the adhesive residue will remain on the client’s scalp and not on the hair system. This is a non-oily solvent and requires very little cleanup.</p><p>Reduces cleanup time – great for delicate lace systems – non oily – Skin Safe</p><p>Apply Lace Release over the area you wish to remove. Wait for one minute, then gently lift the hair system away from the skin. The lace mesh will release from the tape or glue, reducing cleanup time. Lace Release is alcohol-based, so it will not leave a residue on the hair system. Keep away from humidity, heat and light. Close bottle tightly.</p><p>What is Ultra Safe</p><p>Ultra Safe is an all natural bio-degradable adhesive remover which protects and soothes the scalp while removing the bonding adhesive. Excess sebaceous oil can be triggered by the scalp during the cleaning process which can penetrate into the newly applied adhesive causing problems with the bond. Only three ingredients, all natural and has anti-fungal properties; contains no harsh solvents and no dyes. Super powerful residue remover but also protects the scalp. </p><p>Check our website for the many double sided tapes – rolls and packages of strips. </p><p>Bonding Strips, Geo Bond. Sensi-Tack, Walker, Pro Hair Labs, and Sunshine among our many products. </p><p>And remember, before walking out the door, spray a light mist on your hairpiece of Ghost Mist Finishing Spray! Made with Argan Oil which is a nourishing leave-in conditioner. </p><p>Voted Best Prices and best customer service on the web!</p>

  • Some tips

    <p>Double sided tape rolls work the best around the perimeter of the hair system base when placed about 1 mm away from the edge. </p><p>Use our contour shapes (36 in a package) of our various tapes for the FRONT hairline.</p><p>Mini Bonding strips or Mini Tabs come pre-cut and smaller. Provides more flexibility and saves you the hassle of cutting from rolls. There are longer Bonding Strips if you need.</p><p>Tapes can usually work on many systems and glues can sometimes give a more precise attachment. Sometimes it looks more natural. There are no best tapes or glues; customers need to experiment and have patience to get one they are happy and works best for them.&nbsp;</p><p>Check out our liquid adhesives, Mity Tite, Ghost Bond, and Ultra Hold. Ghost Bond is Water based and is hypoallergenic.</p><p>The best daily tape is our 3M 1522 available in both rolls and strips. They could be compared to Top Stick and are Latex free, for sensitive scalps, and surgical quality.</p><p>When you need to wash your hair system; we shampoo, conditioner, and Leave-in Conditioner. We love Pro Hair Products.</p>

  • Former Hair Direct customers can find all they need here at

    <p>FORMER HAIR DIRECT CUSTOMERS – HAIR DIRECT ALTERNATIVES – SOME CUSTOMERS ARE STILL WONDERING BUT YOU’RE LOOKIN GOOD CAN HELP WITH PRODUCTS AND EVEN A REFERRAL TO HAIRPIECE COMPANY. CALL 415 577 4828 –</p><p>SOME POPULAR TAPES WE CARRY AND MANY MORE </p><p>German Brown Cloth tape – cream colored tape with mustard colored liner. This tape has a 1-2 week hold and has been popular for active people or who live in high temperature climate. Works great on all hair systems.</p><p>Sensi-Tak – Red liner is a very low residue adhesive. Popular for use on polyurethane due to easy clean up. Can last up to 2 weeks.</p><p>Ultra Hold – very tacky and extra flexible. Tried and true and still very popular. Depending on the temperature, humidity and body oils tape can last up to 4 weeks and works on all hair systems, wigs and hairpieces.</p><p>Sunshine Lace Blue is another option for lace systems. The tape uses a nylon carrier for easy application and seamless removal. Once you remove the adhesives, you will notice that it is clear and has a matte finish. It is natural looking and has a non shiny effect. Can last 2-4 weeks!</p><p>Sunshine Hyper Hold is a most aggressive tape and it has flexible qualities and stretch capabilities. Frequently used with mesh units and has a nice matte finish. 4-5 week hold </p>

  • How do I get a better Bond with my hairpiece?

    <p>Simple things like washing your hands before prep. Make sure your hands are nice and clean so these oils and residue don’t get on the tape.</p><p>Make sure to wash your hair system. We have On Sale now - "New Demension Dual Action Shampoo" and "PHL #5" This two part shampoo is NOT a daily shampoo...rather it cleans, disinfects, and revitalizes your system. It is to be used only when you detach/re-attach the system.</p><p>If you have sensitive skin, live in humid climates, or like to swim, using a <strong>Scalp Protector</strong> is essential. We have two scalp protectors...the first is made by <strong>Walker</strong> and the second and more powerful is called <strong>No Sweat</strong> and made by <strong>Pro Hair Labs</strong>. Scalp Protector is made to inhibit oil and sweat for a period of time to allow the adhesive to "cure" Walker's scalp protector&nbsp;works for about 2-3 hours and Pro Hair No Sweat lasts a full 24 hours.</p><p>Another tip is to have<strong> Just Rite Positioning Spray</strong> ; a great tool to have around. It temporarily suspends the stickiness of a tape, so that you can adjust the system without losing any of the tack of the tape. When sprayed on the adhesive area, it temporarily suspends the hold of the adhesive. This gives a bit of flexibility so that the system can be positioned exactly right.</p><p><strong>For the best long term bonding experience:</strong></p><p>ON SALE</p><p>7-STEP PRO HAIR LAB PACKAGE </p><p>If you're new to Pro Hair Lab products then this is the way to go!</p><p>The full 7 step Removal and Attachment system is discounted and you have your choice between the Ghost Bond regular or XL strength.</p><p>What's included in the kit:</p><p><strong>Pro Hair 4oz UltraSafe Adhesive Remover 4oz (Step 1)</strong></p><p><strong>Pro Hair Ghostbuster Adhesive Remover 8oz (Step 2)</strong></p><p><strong>New Demension Dual Action Shampoo 12oz (Step 3) </strong></p><p><strong>PHL #5 Clarifying Shampoo (Step 4)</strong></p><p><strong>Professional Hair Labs No Sweat Scalp Anti-Perspirant 8oz (Step 5)</strong></p><p><strong>Pro Hair "THE STAR OF THE SHOW" Ghost Bond 5oz (Step 6)</strong></p><p><strong>Ghost Mist Argan Oil Finishing Spray 6oz Step 7</strong></p><p><strong></strong>Once you have all the items, just replenish them as you need.</p><p>PHL's products are designed to compliment each other and their 7-Step Removal and Attachment program is comprehensive, gentle, safe, and effective.</p>

  • Products that help!

    <p><span style="font-size: 28px;">Scalp Protector Does so much more.....</span></p><p><br>A scalp protector does so much more than protect the scalp during long term hair system<br>usage. It actively prevents irritation that can be caused by bonding adhesives and tapes. It also<br>enhances adhesion to give you a stronger bond between the hair system and scalp, and as a<br>result, ensures even longer wear.<br>In fact,scalp protectors not only avoid loosening holds, but they are also designed to help increase the<br>hold of an adhesive. This is why stylists will often use them on all of their clients, and not just the ones<br>with sensitive skin.<br>Walker Scalp Protector provides an additional layer of protection from adhesives. It is applied to the<br>scalp before the application of tape or glues, creating an extra bond and also a layer of protection for<br>those with sensitive skin.</p><p><span style="font-size: 28px;"><br></span></p><p><span style="font-size: 28px;">Walker Lace Release</span></p><p>Walker Tape Lace Release reduces the chance of damaging lace or mesh frontals by releasing the<br>adhesive or tape from the hair system. When used properly, most of the adhesive residue will remain on<br>your scalp, not on the hair system. Lace Release is non-oily!<br>Apply Lace Release over the area you wish to remove. Wait for one minute. Gently lift the hair system<br>away from the skin. The lace mesh will release from the tape or glue, reducing cleanup time! Will not<br>leave a residue on the hair system.</p><p><span style="font-size: 24px;"><br></span></p><p><span style="font-size: 24px;">TREAT YOUR HAIR LIKE A PROJECT!</span></p><p>Make sure you clean your scalp very well. If you still have some hair, clean that too. Exfoliate scrub<br>and make sure the skin is clean of residues, oils and dead skin cells. Use a SCALP PROTECTOR to create a barrier.<br>Always remove your hairpiece from the back to the front to prevent damage to the front hairline. Clean<br>the base with our DUAL ACTION SHAMPOO AND THEN USE OUR PHL #5 AS A BASE RESTORATION<br>SHAMPOO.<br>Keep your hair looking and feeling great with Ghost Mist Finishing Spray by Pro Hair Labs.<br>This unique spray is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil to make your hair soft, manageable and<br>glowing. This hair safe formula is designed for natural and synthetic hair. Lightly spray your hair<br>with Ghost Mist and comb through. The powerful antioxidants and nourishing vitamins help to<br>de-tangle hair, repair split ends and provide UV protection. Ghost Mist is safe to use with heat<br>styling tools and will help protect your hair from damage. For the silky, smooth, shiny hair that<br>you deserve, try Ghost Mist today.</p><p><span style="font-size: 28px;">Discounted prices, Excellent customer service–Fast Shipping! <br></span></p><p><span style="font-size: 28px;">You’re Lookin Good</span></p>

  • Products to try!

    <p><strong>Safe Grip – Customers have been asking about Safe Grip </strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p>✔ EASY TO USE: Safe Grip Copolymer Wig Adhesive cleans up rapidly for a fluid wig glue.Includes a clear wrap up when dry to form your application on hair expansions or bind wig to be imperceptible! It is waterproof and you can purchase a brush from us.</p><p>✔ SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: This water based hair adhesiveis tender on skin. Selecting the correct adhesive takes time getting the quality / hold of the adhesive, but moreover on how the glue will associated with their body composition and skin sensitivities. Our items have been tried and demonstrated to be secure on all sorts of skin! </p><p>✔ HOLDS FOR WEEKS: Safe Grip Copolymer Wig Bonding Adhesive holds for 1-3 weeks and is one of the foremost dependably long-lasting holds on the market.Water-based liquid adhesive for natural and synthetic hair prostheses. It is NON-TOXIC and non-flammable. Clean up is easy with soap and water.</p><p>Purchase one of our brushes to apply a thin, even coat to SCALP. Blow dry until clear. </p><p>Repeat one more time then press hair system onto scalp firmly holding for 10 seconds.You can use a makeup sponge as well. Make sure scalp is clean and dry before using.</p><p>✔ RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS: Walker Tape items has been broadly utilized and prescribed by salon experts. Their ceaseless supportis due to their clients' profound loyalty and input - much obliged to Walker Tape's amazing items quality and safety. </p><p>TOP KNOT (WHAT IS TOP KNOT) A MUST TRY</p><p>Top Loc Knot Sealer by Walker is a product that is guaranteed to extend the life and protect the appearance of your hair replacement system. This Hair Care Product represents the latest in “hair knot sealing” technology for sealing and protecting the delicate hair knots at the base of the hairpiece. </p><p>Lightly spray Top Loc Knot Sealer on the underside of the lace or monofilament hair replacement system. When dry this will strengthen the knots to prevent them from falling out. This will reduce hair shedding and extend the lifespan of all hair systems and wigs and hairpieces keeping them in top condition.</p>

  • New products at

    <p>New! Walker 5” WIDE Strips</p><p>LACE FRONT SUPPORT TAPE is one of our top sellers. It’s famous for its dull finish and strong hold. It is odourless and bacteria-resistant. It lifts easily, minimizing damage to delicate lace systems. The liner is blue, but the actual tape is clear.</p><p>EACH PACKAGE CONTAINS 24 STRIPS – Curved A and Curved CC</p><p>Maximum Wear 2-4 + Weeks</p><p>WALKER SINGLE SIDED TAPE – REPAIR DAMAGED UNITS</p><p>3M Transpore Tape 1" x 108" This tape can be used between the base and the more aggressive two-sided tape for easier removal. Also as it's single sided it can be used to repair damaged units.</p><p>*********</p><p>HAIR APPLICATION BRUSHES ON SALE! </p><p>Makes applying the glue easy whether your glue came with an applicator or not. It is a good idea to keep a few around.</p><p>****</p><p>GREAT PRODUCT WALKER KNOT SEALER – EXTEND LIFE OF YOUR HAIR SYSTEM </p><p>Want to extend the life of your hair system?</p><p>Knot sealers stop hair loss by locking the hair knots to your lace base with a layer of silicone protection. Top-Loc Knot Sealer helps seal and protect the sensitive knots at the base of your hair replacement system. You'll be sure to see less hair loss in your unit and longer durability keeping it in tip-top condition! If you have ever looked closely at your hairpiece or wig, each individual hair is tied to the mesh with a knot. Sometimes these knots loosen and let go which causes your hairpiece to shed. Over time that can cause your hairpiece to look flat and thin. Use every time you reapply your hairpiece and it will increase the life.</p><p>Just spray inside your mesh unit to seal and protect the delicate knots. This will reduce shedding and indeed extend the life of your expensive system. Top-loc is alcohol based so it is low-odor and safe to use indoors.</p><p>Some tips: Make sure you shake well. Apply enough product and allow to dry thoroughly (an hour if you can) – or use a blow dryer on warm for 5 minutes<br> Spray inside of wig with approx. 20 pumps all around the cap, concentrating at the hairline, top of the head, and nape of neck where most people comb more often, and as a result lose more hair.</p>

  • DECEMBER 2022 – You’re Lookin Good –

    <p>NEW WALKER 5” BLUE LINER A SHAPE PACKAGE OF 24</p><p>Great for Lace Systems. Matte Finish, delivering a Non-Shine effect.</p><p>Strong Hold: No need to use liquid adhesive with this tape to your front hairline but can when needed.</p><p>Odorless and easy cleanup - will not damage your lace front.</p><p><strong><u>Remove with C-22</u></strong> (Best Hair Adhesive Remover) Fast Acting and gentle. Fresh smelling fragrance and works great on wigs, hairpieces and hair systems.</p><p><strong>ULTRA HOLD NOW SELLING 4 OZ SQUEEZE BOTTLE AND ULTRA HOLD PINT</strong></p><p>Incredibility Strong and Waterproof that can hold up to 4 weeks!</p><p><strong><u>SAFE GRIP NEW PRODUCT</u></strong> – If you are looking for a WATER BASED liquid adhesive, try this!</p><p>High Quality, extended wear and perfect for all systems. Non Toxic, and Low Odor. Safe and gentle for skin.</p>

  • We got you for all your hairsystem needs!

    <p><strong>Purchase your Tapes, Adhesives, Shampoo and Glue at You’re Looking Good – Hair Direct Alternative! We have been in business for over 45 years and have experts to advise you in making knowledgeable decisions to help you. We ship same day or next.</strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>You’re Lookin Good also manufactures and distributes 3M #1522Hypo-AllergicSurgical Quality double sided Tapes in our own factories thus providing the lowest price anywhere. Free Shipping for Orders over 75.00</strong></p><p><strong>We have offices in U.S (Las Vegas) and Canada (Toronto) </strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>Please call, text or email</strong></p><p><strong>647 -300 - 1599</strong></p><p><strong>415 -577 - 4828<br></strong></p><p><strong>SOME NOTABLES---</strong><br><strong></strong><strong></strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>New! Ultra Hold (pint) 16 oz </strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>This product is the leading standard for soft bonds on the market for over 15 years. </strong></p><p><strong>Maximum Wear –Acrylic Adhesive with a consistent 4 + week hold.</strong></p><p><strong>Removes easy and quick cleanup. Waterproof and shine proof.</strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>Top-Loc Knot Sealer, is one of the best ways to extend the life of mesh systems.After a while of wear, the knots of tied hair can start to loosen. This product will help to prevent that by keeping these delicate knots tied tight.</strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>For newcomers we have put together a 7 Step from Pro Hair Laboratory including 5 oz of Ghost Bond, Ultra Safe, Ghostbuster, New Demension Dual Shampoo and Clarifying Shampoo. You also receive No Sweat and Ghost Mist Argan Oil. </strong></p>