Fashion Tape

Stop your assets from showing or prevent gaps in your clothing with our double-sided fashion tape. Great on low-cut dresses, overly revealing tops, high split skirts or any other clothing that needs a little extra help to prevent embarrassing moments.  Fashion strips are also great for temporary repairs of loose threads, bonding seams together, or keeping accessories in their place.

The cure-all for every woman's dressing dilemma! With a couple of strategically placed strips, you can party with confidence. Fixes anything that is falling out or falling off! A Must for Bridal Emergencies.

Skin must be free of oils, moisturizers, and creams to get the best adhesion. Here are some of the uses our customers find for this great tape:

  • Deep Plunge Tops and Dresses 
  • Open-sided Dresses
  • Wrap Style Tops
  • Tube Tops & Halters
  • Cuffs, Scarves, Socks 
  • Side Split Skirts
  • Bra Straps, Shoulder Pads
  • Ankle straps
  • Jewelry
  • Costumes, fake beards
  • Microphone tape
  • Crafts, adheres glitter
  • Keeping insert in shoes

Our most popular size is the 1/2” x 3” but we have other sizes to fit your needs. 3M clear is great for most applications. Beware of other companies selling "Clear" tape as it may not be a 3M product unless specified. All tapes leaving our factory are inspected for quality.

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