Some tips

9th Nov 2023

Double sided tape rolls work the best around the perimeter of the hair system base when placed about 1 mm away from the edge.

Use our contour shapes (36 in a package) of our various tapes for the FRONT hairline.

Mini Bonding strips or Mini Tabs come pre-cut and smaller. Provides more flexibility and saves you the hassle of cutting from rolls. There are longer Bonding Strips if you need.

Tapes can usually work on many systems and glues can sometimes give a more precise attachment. Sometimes it looks more natural. There are no best tapes or glues; customers need to experiment and have patience to get one they are happy and works best for them. 

Check out our liquid adhesives, Mity Tite, Ghost Bond, and Ultra Hold. Ghost Bond is Water based and is hypoallergenic.

The best daily tape is our 3M 1522 available in both rolls and strips. They could be compared to Top Stick and are Latex free, for sensitive scalps, and surgical quality.

When you need to wash your hair system; we shampoo, conditioner, and Leave-in Conditioner. We love Pro Hair Products.