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4th Aug 2022

Purchase your Tapes, Adhesives, Shampoo and Glue at You’re Looking Good – Hair Direct Alternative! We have been in business for over 45 years and have experts to advise you in making knowledgeable decisions to help you. We ship same day or next.

You’re Lookin Good also manufactures and distributes 3M #1522Hypo-AllergicSurgical Quality double sided Tapes in our own factories thus providing the lowest price anywhere. Free Shipping for Orders over 75.00

We have offices in U.S (Las Vegas) and Canada (Toronto)

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647 -300 - 1599

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New! Ultra Hold (pint) 16 oz

This product is the leading standard for soft bonds on the market for over 15 years.

Maximum Wear –Acrylic Adhesive with a consistent 4 + week hold.

Removes easy and quick cleanup. Waterproof and shine proof.

Top-Loc Knot Sealer, is one of the best ways to extend the life of mesh systems.After a while of wear, the knots of tied hair can start to loosen. This product will help to prevent that by keeping these delicate knots tied tight.

For newcomers we have put together a 7 Step from Pro Hair Laboratory including 5 oz of Ghost Bond, Ultra Safe, Ghostbuster, New Demension Dual Shampoo and Clarifying Shampoo. You also receive No Sweat and Ghost Mist Argan Oil.