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Questions from our Customers


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May 2014

Questions from our Customers

1) I ordered 3M tape from you and received it within a couple of days! Amazing!

However, I noticed that there was no label on the tape. How do I know it is actually 3M tape?


The tape you received is indeed 3M #1522. We have a direct relationship with 3M and upon request we will supply you with the MSDS and proof of purchase.

For over 30 years we have purchased 3M logs, whereby we manufacture, distribute, convert, heat seal and shrink wrap in our own factory. Without fancy packaging we can put all our time and energy into producing the best product and best prices for our valued customers.

Please note: We also manufacture our red liner as well.Our genuine Sensi-Tak red liner also comes to us in logs, whereby we cut and convert to specifications in our own factory.

2) I am confused about which tape is suitable for lace fronts.


Any tape will work on a lace front unit. However, due to shine through the unit we recommend using a tape with a dull finish. Our favorites are:Blue liner, Supertape and No Shine.

3) What is Mity - Tite?


Mity-Tite Adhesive will hold anywhere from 2-10 days. Much of the hold time will depend on heat, humidity, sweat etc. It is actually designed for touch ups between salon visits.

Mity-Tite is identical to Liquid Tape, EXCEPT it is 50% stronger. A new product from Europe, it is a waterproof adhesive that is applied directly to the tape before attaching the hair system to your head. It provides a SUPER STRONG hold & is recommended for those clients that want a strong bond and/or would like to wear their system for several days.

PERIODICALLY we have sales/discounts - Please check your emails.

Have a wonderful May and remember, you're always Lookin Good!