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22nd May 2023

Safe Grip – Customers have been asking about Safe Grip

✔ EASY TO USE: Safe Grip Copolymer Wig Adhesive cleans up rapidly for a fluid wig glue.Includes a clear wrap up when dry to form your application on hair expansions or bind wig to be imperceptible! It is waterproof and you can purchase a brush from us.

✔ SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: This water based hair adhesiveis tender on skin. Selecting the correct adhesive takes time getting the quality / hold of the adhesive, but moreover on how the glue will associated with their body composition and skin sensitivities. Our items have been tried and demonstrated to be secure on all sorts of skin!

✔ HOLDS FOR WEEKS: Safe Grip Copolymer Wig Bonding Adhesive holds for 1-3 weeks and is one of the foremost dependably long-lasting holds on the market.Water-based liquid adhesive for natural and synthetic hair prostheses. It is NON-TOXIC and non-flammable. Clean up is easy with soap and water.

Purchase one of our brushes to apply a thin, even coat to SCALP. Blow dry until clear.

Repeat one more time then press hair system onto scalp firmly holding for 10 seconds.You can use a makeup sponge as well. Make sure scalp is clean and dry before using.

✔ RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS: Walker Tape items has been broadly utilized and prescribed by salon experts. Their ceaseless supportis due to their clients' profound loyalty and input - much obliged to Walker Tape's amazing items quality and safety.


Top Loc Knot Sealer by Walker is a product that is guaranteed to extend the life and protect the appearance of your hair replacement system. This Hair Care Product represents the latest in “hair knot sealing” technology for sealing and protecting the delicate hair knots at the base of the hairpiece.

Lightly spray Top Loc Knot Sealer on the underside of the lace or monofilament hair replacement system. When dry this will strengthen the knots to prevent them from falling out. This will reduce hair shedding and extend the lifespan of all hair systems and wigs and hairpieces keeping them in top condition.