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Oct specials



We strive to have the very best prices found anywhere on the internet. From time to time we will list overstocked items at a deeper discount. Please check often to see our current deals. Best special right now is 1/2" x 36 yards Red Liner..Reg 12.99 on sale for $6.00

Fashion Tape
A customer just called looking for "Fashion Tape." She had looked at Nordstrom, Heidi Klum intimates, Hollywood Fashion Tapes, Pure Style and all the lingerie tapes AND we have the best prices! Why pay $15.00 for a package or $20.00 for small rolls when you can buy a packages of 36 strips for $1.79. Amazing...
This is a 3M product that we manufacture; it is a safe medical grade double sided adhesive, for skin and fabric.
Prevent blouse gaps between buttons
Secure plunging necklines.Hold belts, scarves, and straps in place.
Perfect for quick hemming and other emergency repairs.
Keep wrap styles wrapped.
Create costumes
Great to adhere microphone to skin
You're Lookin Good (