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November Edition - Just Rite Positioning Spray



A great product for perfectionists and beginners alike. You spend all this time prepping your hairpiece. You carefully place the hairpiece in position, but then you realize…IT’S NOT QUITE IN PLACE! You quickly lift the hair system up and try to work it loose, but now everything is getting stuck together. It is a serious mess. Sound familiar?

"Just Rite Positioning Spray" will fix this problem. Before putting on your hair unit spray the sticky surfaces with Just-Rite. It will allow you to set the unit on your head and still be able to move it around. The more you spray on, the longer you have to move the unit until the adhesive grabs. And more amazingly, the ingredients of the spray do not hurt the bond of your tapes and adhesives. So don’t worry about using this and not getting the long hold times you’re used to. Truly a must-have and a life-saver!

Just-Rite Positioning Spray is a revolutionary product that allows extra time to move the hair unit into just the right position before the glue or tape takes hold. No more mistakes, no more crooked parts or messy hairlines on lace fronts. Just-Rite is also great for touch-ups (to remove excess adhesive) along the hairline and will not reduce the adhesion time of the tape or glue. Product is non-oily.

Directions: After glue or tape is applied to unit or scalp, spray Just-Rite over adhesive area. The amount you spray will determine the amount of time you have to move the unit. Place the unit on the head and move into place.

Applying a little of this magical mist to your bonding area prior to securing your wig to your head will instantly give you extra time to move your wig around (usually up to a minute) before it sticks!

After glue/tape is applied to unit or scalp, spray Just-Rite positioning spray over adhesive area. The amount of spray you use will determine the amount of time you have to move the unit into the correct place.