June 2021

2nd Jun 2021

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Walker German brown liner adhesive tape roll is an industry standard and the firmest hold to hard bond adhesives for poly hair systems. Tape is a cream color. It is more water resistant than other tapes. Walker German Brown Cloth tape is skin safe. Holds 1-2 weeks.

(Can also be used with liquid adhesive for perimeter bond attachment.)

Remove with C-22 - The #1 adhesive remover. Not only is it gentle on skin, but it works FAST. It also has a fresh scent (it’s citrus-based), and it’’s easy to rinse with soap and water.

Walker Ultra Hold Adhesive with brush included. Soft Bond Acrylic attachment - Clear non yellowing formula and approx gives 3-6 week hold. Waterproof. Works with all hair systems. Apply an even coat of ultra hold to your scalp. Then blow dry until it’s tacky then repeat one more time. Then press the hair system onto your scalp and hold it in place firmly. Great for hot and humid climates.