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January 2017 Blog


January 2017 Blog - You're Lookin Good - hairtape.com

Ultra Hold Tape is truly for extended-wear. Its hold is very aggressive and depending on body chemistry, perspiration, oily scalp and lifestyle, Ultra Hold will hold from 2-6 weeks. Perfect for french lace and poly systems.

The slight curvature of these mini's allow them to fit anywhere and they're just great for those little hard-to-reach areas.

Easy cleanup - waterproof - super flexible -walker's fingerprint technology to reduce shine

Because they're built around a urethane carrier, or base, these tabs are extra stretchy, perfect for flexible lace base materials. Stick them anywhere on your base for a no-hassle application. They're very easy to manage, whether you're lining them up like tiles or placing them as needed.

Similar to Supertape, ExtendaBond Air Flex & Geo-Bond.

Clear, double sided waterproof tape.

** For best results use with scalp protector.