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Make sure you pick up some of our application brushes. Makes applying the glue easy whether your glue came with an applicator or not it's a good idea to keep a few around.

Don't forget to purchase our specialty shampoos. Our customers love it.

New Demension Dual Action Shampoo has been specifically designed to combat all adhesive residues remaining after the removal of the hair system from the scalp. Anti-bacterial & anti fungal properties formulation into this shampoo will help to keep the scalp healthy. New Demensions Dual Action Shampoo is a detach/reattach cleansing shampoo and is NOT designed for everyday use. It will stop most scalp itching, and help control scalp oil. New Demension Dual Action Shampoo will leave the hair unit a little oily which is why it is imperative that you use the PHL #5 directly after as it will restore the Ph level to a base level.

PHL #5 Shampoo is specifically designed as a base restoration shampoo. Once you remove the adhesive residue, PHL #5 will remove any oils remaining and restore the base of your hair system to its original state.

PHL #5 is to be used on the scalp after New Demension Dual Action Shampoo to remove any excess oils. It will make the head as squeaky clean as alcohol without affecting the PH balance or triggering oil glands. PHL #5 will also remove all build up of hair spray or gel on any type of hair.

  • Formulated For Use To Clean Lace and Polyurethane Base Systems
  • Easily Removes Gel, Hairspray and Oils
  • Gives Availability For Much Stronger Hold With New Adhesive Application
  • High Grade Shampoo Designed Specifically For The Hair Replacement Industry
  • Instructions are on our website,


    You’ve probably been there. You spend all this time prepping your hairpiece. You carefully place the hairpiece in position, but then you realize… IT’S NOT QUITE IN PLACE! You quickly lift the hair system up and try to work it loose, but now everything is getting stuck together. It is a serious mess. Sound familiar?

    Just Rite Positioning Spray is just the “rite” product to fix this problem. Before putting on your hair unit spray the sticky surfaces with Just-Rite. It will allow you to set the unit on your head and still be able to move it around. The more you spray on, the longer you have to move the unit until the adhesive grabs. And more amazingly, the ingredients of the spray do not hurt the bond of your tapes and adhesives. So don’t worry about using this and not getting the long hold times you’re used to. Truly a must-have and a life-saver!