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Firstly consider how long you will wear your hair system, what sort of climate you live in; humid, dry, hot or cold? What sort of lifestyle you have, do you swim, go to the gym, sit under air conditioning all day? Do you sweat or have a sensitive scalp? Once you have the answers to these questions you will be on your way to working out which adhesive is best for you.

Each hair system adhesive responds to weather and certain climates differently, so bear in mind your lifestyle to best understand the kind of adhesive that you need for optimum results. For example, swimmers and athletes may require a waterproof adhesive, as moisture may compromise the integrity of the hair system hold. Sun and humidity not only do damage to the hair system but also may affect the adhesive. Bacteria can be a major issue for hair system wearers, especially in high humidity and the scalp becomes sweaty. Look for adhesives with an anti-microbial formulation that will ensure you feel cool and comfortable, and consider No Sweat or scalp protector.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Which hair tape is best for me?”

It depends on many circumstances such as your lifestyle, how long you wear your hair system, climate, scalp condition and a raft of others in-between. However, the main criteria for choosing your hair tape is to decide the length of time you want to wear your hair system and this will determine whether you need a short, medium or extended wear tape.

Oily skin: if you have very oily skin, chances are that any tape will break down much faster. For example, a four-week tape might only last you three days! Some tapes might not necessarily be designed for oily skin, but are known to work well such as Ultra Hold and Supertape

Sensitive skin: if you know yourself to have sensitive scalp skin or are having a reaction to another adhesive, you may want to consider tapes which are manufactured to medical grade or hypoallergenic standards. Good examples of these tapes are 3M Medical Tapes.

Shine free: if you wear a light density hair system or you want to bond to a delicate lace base then choose a tape designed to have no or low shine such as No Shine or Lace Front Support (also known as Blue Liner)

Another consideration is what type of hair system you wear. It is highly recommended that you use Sensi-Tak Red Liner directly on poly edges or traditional skin bases prior to attaching your extended-wear tape to your hair system base.

Sensi-Tak (also known as Red Liner) tape is clear with a disposable red liner. It will securely adhere to the poly, but greatly diminish the amount of time and effort needed to clean the base since it doesn’t break down like an extended-wear tape. Red liner tape will not compromise the length of your bond provided you use a second extended-wear tape on top of it to attach to your scalp.

Hair tapes come in various sizes, widths and strips. Contour tape strips are mostly commonly used at the front hairline or back of the hair system.

Tapes also come in rolls that vary in both length and width. The rolls allow you to customize the area of your hair system that is taped – they also allow you to purchase a hairpiece tape that will fit the exact width of your polyurethane perimeter. Rolls of hairpiece tape normally sell in widths of 3/4″ and 1″ and in lengths of 3 yards or 12 yards so you will have plenty to work with before you run out and need to re-order You're Lookin Good -