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A great combination--Ultra Hold, Scalp Protector and C-22


We sell tons of Ultra Hold Adhesive (5 oz.) Chances are you have heard of Ultra Hold! It's one of the top selling wig adhesives on the market. Waterproof, Acrylic base, and has a hold time of 2-4 weeks!!!

To help with hold times, apply SCALP PROTECTOR to the scalp before application. You can use Just add a thin layer and then apply to the scalp. It prepares and protects the skin, adding a thin barrier between the adhesive and any type of oils or sweat on the scalp, increasing the hold time.
For easy clean up try C-22. Great Product!
If you like rolls, try Ultra Hold -Maximum Wear (2-4 weeks) tapes are great for people who need something more than just for day to day wear, but who are also not looking for the longest bond either.
Also to remove tapes, try Ultra Safe for your scalp and Ghost Buster for your hairpiece