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3M Medical tape for Toupee, Wig and Hairpiece Users


Medical Device manufacturers run short on medical adhesive. Whom do they turn to for their medical tape needs?

Where do Professional Sound people turn to when they need medical tapes for their Lavalier Microphones?

What does Santa do when he needs medical tape for his beard?

Where do Fashion Experts and Models turn to for their medical tape?

They all turn to You're Lookin Good: hairtape.com

You're Lookin Good manufactures 3M #1522 medical and surgical quality tapes for all of the above uses! Our long time relationship with 3M allows us to use #1522 medical tape in our manufacturing process, something our competitors can't offer.

For stick to skin applications, 3M double sided medical tape offers hypoallergenic, breathable, conformable and repositionable options, with a gentle adhesive for short and long term wear. (1-3 days) For medical device assembly, adhering hearing aids to children, adhering tape to help C-Pap users, hairpiece users, fashion/body tape, electrodes and sensors, and much more.

This double sided medical tape on a roll (1522) consists of a 3 mil transparent polyethylene film, coated on two sides with a non-tackified acrylic adhesive. May be used for health care medical devices. 80 # paper liner.

3M can be used without breaking down into a gooey mess.

Also referred to as clear tape, it has a moderate holding strength and easy to remove. Recommended for daily use. Our "clear" tape is 3M surgical quality, hypoallergenic, medical grade and latex free. The best for sensitive skin. Beware of other companies selling "Clear" tape as it may not be a 3M product unless specified. All tapes leaving our factory are inspected for quality.

Medical-grade tapes are FDA compliant for direct skin contact and are designed specifically for disposable, skin-friendly applications.

For further information 415 577 4828