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Ghost Bond knock offs are very high when purchased from ebay or Amazon..purchase here with confidence.



Ghost Bond Platinum hair replacement adhesive by Pro Hair Labs provides a strong bond with your skin with the need for less product than other brands.

Specially designed for high temperatures and humidity, heavy perspiration and oily scalps to give a reliable bond regardless of the conditions.

Absorbs light and avoids reflection so that no one else will notice.

No harsh chemical means it is 100% safe for your skin.


IT has come to our attention that there has been an influx of "Ghost Bond" on Ebay and Amazon sold by American companies that are in fact KNOCK OFFS being made in CHINA. We have been working with Pro Hair Labs for the past few months to create awareness and to keep the public informed. We only sell FRESH AND AUTHENTIC GHOST BOND FROM THE MAKERS OF PRO HAIR LABS in addition to other products as well.

YOU'RE LOOKIN GOOD - hairtape.com

May---Make clean up easy

MAKE CLEAN UP EASY!3M TRANSPORE ONE SIDED TAPE FOR REPAIRING UNITS OR USED AS A BASEUse this tape on your poly as a base, then you would apply the tape you normally would use to hold the unit. When you want to remove, pull the transpore tape off the base and it come off easily.Base [...]

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April 2018 New product Ghost Bond Platinum

GHOST BOND PLATINUM - - Formulated for High Humidity- Heavy perspiration- Great for Oily Scalps- Absorbs light- Free of Harmful Chemicals Feel confident and secure with Pro Hair Labs new Ghost Bond Platinum hair replacement adhesive. This latest hair adhesive is specially formulated for high humidity, heavy perspiration, and oily scalps giving you the strongest hold possible for [...]

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Check out our great adhesive removers!C22 - Ultra Safe - Ghost BusterCheck out our Adhesives!Ultra Hold - Mity Tite- Ghost BondFirstly consider how long you will wear your hair system, what sort of climate you live in; humid, dry, hot or cold? What sort of lifestyle you have, do you swim, go to the gym, sit under [...]

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Check out our Specials! (hairtape.com) Always striving to give you the best deals, best products and best prices. Make sure you pick up some of our application brushes. Makes applying the glue easy whether your glue came with an applicator or not it's a good idea to keep a few around.Don't forget to purchase our [...]

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How to use Just-Rite Positioning Spray - Great Product

Just-Rite Positioning Spray is a revolutionary product that allows extra time to move the hair unit into just the right position before the glue or tape takes hold. No more mistakes, no more crooked parts or messy hairlines on lace fronts. Just-Rite is also great for touch-ups (to remove excess adhesive) along the hairline and [...]

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Oct specials

CHECK OUT OUR CURRENT SPECIALS!We strive to have the very best prices found anywhere on the internet. From time to time we will list overstocked items at a deeper discount. Please check often to see our current deals. Best special right now is 1/2" x 36 yards Red Liner..Reg 12.99 on sale for $6.00Fashion TapeA [...]

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A great combination--Ultra Hold, Scalp Protector and C-22

We sell tons of Ultra Hold Adhesive (5 oz.) Chances are you have heard of Ultra Hold! It's one of the top selling wig adhesives on the market. Waterproof, Acrylic base, and has a hold time of 2-4 weeks!!!To help with hold times, apply SCALP PROTECTOR to the scalp before application. You can use Just [...]

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June Edition...Fix that Hair system!

NEW PRODUCT - BASE TAPE (TRANSPORE SINGLE SIDED TAPE)From You're Lookin Good (hairtape.com)Base Tape (formerly known as Transpore) is a single-sided tape that is used to reinforce the inside of the unit, preventing wear and tear to the fragile unit. It also can be used with other double-sided tapes for easier removal and for minor repairs.This tape can be [...]

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May Edition 2017

MAY 2017SHOP FOR SUPPLIESIf you do not see a size, perhaps we can help, call us!Best prices on 3M Clear Double sided tapesWhiteliner 3M #1522 (Clear Tape): This is our most widely used tape. Also referred to as clear tape, it has a moderate holding strength and easy to remove. Recommended for daily use. Our "clear" tape is 3M [...]

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