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  • Pro Hair #5 Lace and Poly Base Shampoo 12oz

Pro Hair #5 Lace/Poly Base Shampoo $20.00


Product Description

PHL #5 Clarifying Shampoo (Step 4 in Pro Hair Labs Attachment and Removal System)

PHL #5 Shampoo is specifically designed as a base restoration shampoo. Once you remove the adhesive residue, PHL #5 will remove any oils remaining and restore the base of your hair system to its original state.

PHL #5 is to be used on the scalp after New Demension Dual Action Shampoo to remove any excess oils. It will make the head as squeaky clean as alcohol without affecting the PH balance or triggering oil glands. PHL #5 will also remove all build up of hair spray or gel on any type of hair. 

• Formulated For Use To Clean Lace and Polyurethane Base Systems
• Easily Removes Gel, Hairspray and Oils
• Gives Availability For Much Stronger Hold With New Adhesive Application
• High Grade Shampoo Designed Specifically For The Hair Replacement Industry
• 12oz Size, Gallon size upon request

Note: Our size is 12oz, and not an 8oz size as other retailers may be selling.


1. When you are sure that the hair system is completely free of adhesive, shampoo the system one time with the PHL #5 Shampoo, leaving on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use conditioner on the hair only. Rinse again.

2. Dry the base of the hair system. The system is now ready for bonding. 


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