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What's included in the kit: Full Size Products on Sale $165.00

Once you have all the items, just replenish them as you need.

If you're new to Pro Hair Lab products then this is the way to go!

Pro Hair Labs supplies high performance hair adhesive products, putting safety first. All products are developed with skin kindness in mind, and no toxic chemicals or other harmful ingredients are used.

The full 7 step Removal and Attachment system is discounted and you have your choice between the Ghost Bond regular or XL strength which protect against excessive moisture or sweat.

Pro Hair 4oz Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover 4oz (Step 1)

Pro Hair Ghost buster Adhesive Remover 8oz (Step 2)

When you need to remove adhesive residue, it is important you are able to do this without damaging the skin of your scalp. With our adhesive residue removers and cleansers, we base our products on natural, effective ingredients that will leave your skin feeling simply amazing.

Ultra-Safe cleanser, a completely natural and toxin free adhesive residue remover for the scalp that soothes and protects as it works, making it the safest skin adhesive remover on the market.

For great, all round cleaning performance that won’t damage your hair system. Tough on hair adhesive yet gentle enough to care for your hair, this is Pro Hair Labs most refined cleanser and adhesive remover. Ghost Buster adhesive residue remover contains no aloe or lanolin which is a cause of oil barriers. Oil barriers can create bonding issues between your hair unit base and your skin.

Ghost Buster (Citrus Remover For Hair Systems Only)


For use on hair systems only
Liberally spray Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover into the lace. After 10 minutes, take the hair system and proceed to clean thoroughly. Once the adhesive is removed, shampoo and rinse 2-3x with lukewarm water. The hair system can be left in the solution for 10 minutes to 2 days. The remover should be kept at room temperature for optimal efficiency.• After 10 minutes, take the hair system out of the cleaner and proceed to clean the hair with your lace-cleaning gun. 

Once all the adhesive is removed,work New Demensions Dual Action Shampoo (step 3) thoroughly into the hair system. Rinse the hair system with lukewarm water. Repeat at least 2 more times.

After removing all the bonding adhesive from the scalp with Ultra-Safe, proceed to wash scalp and hair 2 times with the New Demensions Dual Action Shampoo.• Rinse and make sure there is no adhesive left on the scalp.• If you find that there is still some residual adhesive, continue using the shampoo until the scalp and hair are totally free of adhesive.

PHL #5 Clarifying Shampoo (Step 4)

After washing with our Dual Action Shampoo, we recommend following this with our deep cleansing PHL #5 Shampoo for hair glue removal. Pro Hair Labs have developed this shampoo to be tough on styling products and hairspray residue and removing all unwanted oils, hairspray and gel buildup. Not recommended for everyday use. It is only required for use when detaching and reattaching your hair unit, and for adhesive removal from skin.

Professional Hair Labs No Sweat Scalp Antiperspirant 8oz (Step 5)
1. Make sure the scalp area is completely dry.
2. Spray a small amount of No Sweat onto a paper towel or cloth.
3. Wipe swiftly onto the area of the scalp to be bonded.
4. No Sweat will dry almost instantly.
5. You are then ready to apply your bonding adhesive
*Less is best

Pro Hair "THE STAR OF THE SHOW" Ghost Bond 5oz (Step 6)

Ghost Bond Application Instructions for Regular


1 thin coating to the hair system
4 thin coatings to the head. Put each coat on as soon as the
previous coat turns clear (around 20 seconds)
After the 4th coating, wait 7 minutes and press the hair system into


Use the same steps as above only, do not apply adhesive directly to
the lace. Apply to scalp only.

Ghost Bond XL Application Instructions

Do Not Apply Ghost Bond XL Directly To Lace Base.

Always run a patch test before full application.

1. If bonding a skin/polyurethane unit, apply one thin coat on the base. This
should always be completed before you start applying Ghost Bond XL to the

2. Apply 4 thin coats of Ghost Bond XL to the client’s scalp, keeping the same
quantity of adhesive with each coat. Allow roughly 20 seconds in between
coats for each coat to dry.

3. Once the 4th coat is applied, wait 4-5 minutes for Ghost Bond XL to
completely cure.

4. The recommended cleaner to remove Ghost Bond XL from the scalp is UltraSafe
all natural adhesive remover. To remove Ghost Bond XL from the hair
unit, please use Ghost Buster .

Ghost Mist Argan Oil Finishing Spray 6oz Step 7

Lightly mist over wet or dry hair
Comb through gently with a comb and repeat the process again
Once the process is complete, you can proceed to blow dry or use